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2020 Window Treatment Trends

A window treatment offers privacy, filters or blocks out the sun, and covers your window. Window treatments also help enhance the visual aesthetic of your space, making your room appear formal or quirky, sophisticated or vibrant, and modern or striking in style. Here are some 2020 window trends that you can adopt when designing your interior space: 

  • Minimalism 

As people move away from the maximalist ideology or the “more is better” idea, they are adopting the minimalist approach. Contrary to classic minimalism, Warm minimalism does not imply stripping a place down to its fundamental essentials but instead creates a refuge with warm colors, patterns, textures, and calming curves. If your living area appears cluttered or congested, it might be contributing to your anxiety. You may use lightweight curtain weaves and smooth lines that inspire a sense of relaxation in addition to getting rid of any excessive objects in your house. For ease of mobility, floor-to-ceiling drapes can glide over the floor.

  • Embrace technology 

Smart-home technology is advancing, as integrating it into a house may make your life easier, save you money, and provide you with peace of mind. The trend is to have automated window blinds that you can manage using an app on your smart device or with your voice. Since you do not have to change your shades throughout the day manually, you can save on time. It also provides. It also helps save energy by blocking or letting light in depending on the time of day.

  • Enhanced warmth and comfort

In the post-COVID age, the need for warmth and comfort will undoubtedly persist. To have this feeling in your home, use items that create a soothing ambiance, which would be ideal for long amounts of time spent indoors. You can choose a style or design that helps your home feel relaxed, while also ensuring that your HVAC system is not overworked. Choose practical window coverings that also provide insulation to your house. 

  • Tone on tone layering

Tone-on-tone color combinations have been a prominent decor trend for the past several years, and this style made a huge comeback in 2020 in interior design. Instead of just scattering various colors across your house, pick one and alter the tones. Tone-on-tone color palettes are dazzling because too many colors can create visual overload. You’ll create an aesthetic appeal to the room without going overboard with bright colors, and this even has some energy-saving advantages. More layers, such as integrating curtains and draperies, add insulation to the window, boosting energy savings.

  • Softer and neutral colors

Most people think that neutral colors are limited to white, gray, and cream tones. Although these tend to be the go-to neutral colors, they are not the only ones. There is a full range of neutral colors to choose from, with some examples being tones like lavender, soft coral, and mint green. You can try one of these softer neutral tones to stimulate your visual senses and brighten up your space. 

  • Environmental-friendly materials

The need for repurposed and recycled commodities keeps rising as worry for our planet’s future grows increasingly pressing. Repurposed materials can be used to design and style window treatments, and also look good. They also go nicely with environmentally friendly products like sustainably obtained wooden window panels. Producers of window treatments are following in the footsteps of environmental stewardship, as they are now offering choices created from reused or recycled materials.

  • Using shutters for privacy 

Shutters are a blind product category that is quickly becoming popular. Shutters may appear frigid on their own, despite providing traditional elegance and seclusion. Incorporate drapes or curtains to soften the appearance of your shutters. You may get light control, moisture resistance, and even insulation shutters.  Wood shutters should not be used in high-moisture locations. Composite shutters, on the other hand, can withstand moisture and discoloration.

  • Botanical and Floral prints

Botanical and floral prints may contribute to livening up space. Natural accents help to induce relaxation, whereas curtain holdbacks allow natural light to flow freely. To achieve an ambient atmosphere that invites positive energy, choose natural colors like natural colors and gentle greens. Many people find nostalgic features comforting, which is in line with current comfort preferences. Reviving the old while incorporating new elements is a fantastic way to freshen up your décor while maintaining a familiar vibe.

  • Cordless/ cord-free options

Cordless lifts can help you simplify the design and operation of your blinds. If you’re designing a nursery or are worried about kid safety, cordless window coverings are the best option. They also offer your windows a sleek, contemporary look. 

  • Multi-functionality

Flexibility inside homes has become much more vital than ever as our houses have grown more multipurpose, from being workspaces to gyms and even areas for home-schooling. Multifunctional window coverings are ideal for rooms that require a lot of versatility. The Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system is yet another alternative for multipurpose rooms. Window coverings with Top-Down/Bottom-Up functionality may be opened and closed vertically. This means they can be opened or closed from the top going down or from the bottom going up. 

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