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Do blinds and curtains go together?

You generally have the choice of putting curtains or blinds when it comes to dressing your windows. Have you thought about the aesthetic effect and appeal of combining both blinds and curtains as window treatments? Is it even possible to combine curtains and blinds? Yes, it is. Whether you’re looking for a window treatment for your lounge room, study, or bedroom, pairing blinds and curtains are a popular option.

Combining blinds and curtains

Blinds are quite practical as they aid in filtering and blocking out light, as well as enhancing your window insulation, preventing UV rays, and safeguarding the security and privacy of your house. Curtains, on the other hand, are timeless window treatments with limitless functionalities.

You may select from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, styles, and textures when it comes to curtains. The yards of material draped from the top of the ceiling to the floor give the window and living room a luxurious feel. They may be used with any décor and serve to smooth the room’s harsh features.

When the two adaptable window treatments are combined, the outcome is stunning. Both have a warmth that contributes to the elegance of your windows. Combining curtains and blinds may add spice to space and is a popular home décor trend.

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How to match your blinds and curtains

Get the blinds first

Decide on the blind type first if you’ve opted to adopt a layered window treatment option. Choose if you want light-filtering, heat-retaining, or sun-blocking blinds for your space. You can simply pick on the sort of fabric for your curtains as well as the color once you’ve settled on the blind. Choosing the color of your curtains is often easier than choosing the color of your blinds.

Avoid having print on print

Print on print should be avoided. If you choose to have printed blinds, you should avoid using printed curtains. Blending printed or patterned blinds with printed curtains might be too much, making the windows look cluttered. Pairing patterned curtains with a solid-colored blind are the best option, and they will look amazing on your window. 

Make it high and wide

The ability to modify the appearance of the size of your windows is one of the most significant benefits of pairing blinds and curtains. If you have a tiny house, this is ideal. When curtains and blinds are well-matched, a small window may be transformed into a huge one, and the ceilings can be made to appear much higher than it is. Install roman blinds some inches just under the ceiling to alter the impression of height. Then, at the very same height as the blinds, install the curtain rod and extend it a few more inches beyond the window.

Go for an inside mount

Blind installation is considerably more difficult than curtain installation, which is why you should go for an inside mount. Place the blinds in such a manner that they do not obstruct the operation of the curtains or shades. Inside mount is the best option since it leaves the window frame free for the curtains, and the blinds will be put out of the way.

Make the space feel warm and inviting

Because curtains and blinds are such a significant room element, it’s critical to think about the impression you want them to create. Please note that you want it to seem cozy, pleasant, and welcoming during the designing process. When blinds are placed behind curtains, fullness is generated, which is crucial in altering the feel and look of the area.

You can accessorize

The use of blinds and curtains together makes a greater design statement in a room, and the accessories you pick should match. Pelmets are a great method to spruce up your window treatments and add a decorative touch. Retractable pelmets conceal the curtain tracks and operational parts in the ceiling space to produce a sleek finish since they are incorporated into the design of the room. Pelmets also give improved room insulation and full block out. While any window treatments can benefit, the combination of roman blinds with pelmets is by far the most popular because of their refined, clean appearance.

Make sure the colors compliment each other

It’s just as vital to match your window fittings and components to your curtains and blinds, as it is to match your blind and curtain colors. After you’ve chosen your colors, be careful to mention the precise shades so that the curtain rod can be made to match. Rods that have a high shine, such as brilliant gold or silver, might clash with the color of your curtains and blinds, so stay away from them. To preserve the overall look of both kinds of window coverings you’ve selected, choose window components with a matte finish.


Windows are typically overlooked by many homeowners, yet their ability to make or break your space is unavoidable. When a window is dressed, the interior becomes warmer, friendlier, or livelier. By having curtains and blinds together, you not only offer yourself more space to enhance your privacy and block out light, but you also make a classy, ageless, and elegant visual point of focus. Switch up the proper sort of blinds with a pair of curtains to establish the tone for every room.

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