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Timber Venetians from AAM Curtains and Blinds in Perth, ooze style and warmth and come in classic stained finishes or more contemporary painted colors that are UV protected. Natural wood in timber blinds in Perth improves the appearance of any space while also providing complete privacy and light control. Natural wood has never looked better! It comes in authentic tones and textures. Timber Venetian in Perth are ideal for the contemporary house since they are crafted from seasoned timber then kiln-dried to be durable and strong.

Venetian blinds first appeared in an 18th-century picture. The artwork was titled “The Venetian Blind” by Edmund Tarbell. Despite being the first documented portrayal of the blinds, these blinds are considered to have their origin in Persia.

Offers quality and great choice of colors

Timber blinds in Perth allow you to regulate the amount of light that enters your room and yet provides considerable privacy for all in the house. This is fantastic if you’d like to have additional safety and prevent people on the outside from being able to see what’s inside your home. This is accomplished by altering the slat apertures on the Timber Venetian in Perth.

Timber Venetian blinds are available in a number of wood options, including Western Red Cedar, Phoenix wood, and Basswood. There is the option of having them painted or having a timber finish that is naturally stained. Sometimes Timber Venetian blinds could also be produced from a Polystyrene substance, which might be a substitute to producing them by utilizing timber. These blinds have matching cords as well as a colored valance, among other features. You may also buy specific tassels to match your decor style, and AAM Curtains and Blinds provides a variety of alternatives to select from.

Give your home a glam look with our timber blinds in Perth

AAM Curtains and Blinds in Perth, is the perfect place for laying hands on Timber Venetian in Perth. These blinds are appealing to the eye, elegant, gorgeous, and are an excellent alternative for individuals who value the beauty and feel of natural wood in their interior space.

The best thing about these timber blinds are their practical features. These function as any normal blind while still having the warm aesthetic of wood, making them among the best blinds for your house. If you’d like to have window treatments with a visually beautiful covering, these blinds ought to be one of your top choices.

At AAM Curtains and Blinds, our range of Timber Venetian blinds is beautiful and contemporary, making them suitable for contemporary as well as traditional homes. They may be used in both informal and formal settings.

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Our products are trusted by many of perth clients.


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Benefits of having timber blinds in Perth

  • In any production process, timber blinds are inherently the most environmentally responsible alternative. 
  • It works great as an insulation! It acts as an additional level of insulation between windows and the outside world.  
  • Though it is not completely soundproof, it can effectively keep out some types of unwanted noise.
  • Timber is a comparatively low-maintenance material to care for. 
  • Timber Venetian blinds are available in both ready-made and made-to-order options. 
  • Numerous homeowners who want to sell their houses see a significant return on their investment by adding timber window treatments.
  • When compared to some of the other non-wood equivalents, authentic timber window coverings are incredibly lightweight.
  • Timber window coverings may be colored in a variety of ways to produce the desired look.

Finding the ideal timber Venetian in Perth

For those looking for Timber Venetian blinds, AAM Curtains and Blinds Perth has some of the most stunning blinds that will make your room seem absolutely stunning. To know more about timber Venetian blinds and how they can add value to your home, feel free to get in touch with us. We can also offer you tips on how to enhance the look of your home by using our quality products. Contact now!

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