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Vertical Blinds in Perth

Venetian Blinds vs Vertical Blinds: Choosing The Best Window Covering For Your Space

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a home decor store in Perth, you’ve probably seen venetian blinds and vertical blinds on display. The venetian blinds in Perth are characterized by horizontal slats, usually made of metal or wood.

On the other side, vertical blinds in Perth feature long vertical slats, perfect for sliding doors or wide window expanses. Let’s look at venetian blinds vs. vertical blindsand which one you should choose!

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Venetian Blinds: An Overview

Venetian blinds, a familiar sight in many Blinds in Perth stores, are made up of horizontal slats stacked atop one another. These slats can be adjusted to let in or block out light, giving users precise control over their indoor ambience.

The defining feature of Venetian blinds is its horizontal slat structure. These slats are held together by cords that run through the slats, enabling them to be tilted at different angles or raised completely.

Materials Used

Venetian blinds come in a range of materials. Aluminium Venetian Blinds in Perth are a popular choice, given their durability and sleek look. 

Wood brings a warm, natural aesthetic, while faux wood offers the look of wood without the maintenance. Additionally, plastic versions offer a cost-effective alternative.


Venetian blinds typically have two main controls – a tilt wand and a lift cord. The tilt wand rotates the slats, letting in more or less light, while the lift cord raises or lowers the entire set of blinds.

Venetian blinds are commonly found in living rooms. Offices also frequently use them for their efficient light control capabilities.

Vertical Blinds: An Overview

Vertical blinds, another style often seen in Blinds in Perth shops, feature slats or vanes that hang vertically from a top track.

Vertical blinds have slats or vanes hanging vertically. These can be drawn to one side, usually left or right, or split in the middle like curtains.

Materials Used

Most vertical blinds are made from durable PVC, making them resistant to sunlight and easy to clean. However, fabric options offer a softer look, while wooden vanes provide an upscale feel.


These blinds come with a traverse cord that moves the blinds across the window, and a chain control to rotate the vanes. This combination offers excellent light and privacy control.

Their design makes vertical blinds ideal for sliding doors and wide window expanses. This allows easy access while controlling light and maintaining privacy.

Timber Venetian Blinds in Perth


Key Comparison Points

The differences between Venetian and vertical blinds are distinct. Knowing them can help you make the right pick for your space.

Light Control & Privacy

Venetian Blinds 

One of the standout features of Venetian blinds is their ability to control light with precision. The horizontal slats can be tilted to various angles, allowing homeowners to modulate the amount of sunlight that enters. Furthermore, they provide an added layer of privacy when fully closed.

Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds work wonders for sliding doors and large window expanses. Their design allows easy accessibility to doors and views. However, the gaps between the slats might sometimes leave small openings, slightly compromising privacy.

Maintenance & Durability

Venetian Blinds 

Maintenance is relatively straightforward for these blinds. A simple dusting or wiping keeps them looking fresh. However, with time, the cords that control the slats might need some attention or replacement.

Vertical Blinds 

The advantage with vertical blinds is the ease of replacing individual slats if they get damaged. But, due to their vertical hang, they might be more susceptible to getting caught or broken.


Venetian Blinds 

If you have standard-sized windows, installing Venetian blinds is typically straightforward. The demand for Timber Venetian blinds in Perth highlights their popularity and ease of fitting in most homes.

Vertical Blinds 

Installing vertical blinds can be a bit more intricate, especially if you’re covering large windows or sliding doors. However, once set up, they slide effortlessly, making them user-friendly.



The price spectrum for Venetian blinds is broad. While basic models are pocket-friendly, premium materials, like timber, can be on the higher side.


In general, vertical blinds, especially those made of standard PVC, tend to be more cost-effective. They offer a balance of style and functionality without breaking the bank.

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Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

Choosing the right blinds for your home is no small task. Factors ranging from room purpose to aesthetics play a part in the decision-making process. 

But with a little guidance, you can find the perfect fit for each space:

Room’s Purpose

  • Bedroom: For those who value a good night’s sleep, the bedroom needs darkness. Venetian blinds, with their close-fitting slats, are ideal. They offer the ability to block out light entirely, ensuring a peaceful rest.
  • Living Room: This space often benefits from a balance of light and privacy. Vertical blinds can be a great pick. They let in just the right amount of sunlight, adding warmth and charm while still providing privacy.

Window or Door Size

  • Small to Medium: With standard-sized windows, either type can work. It often comes down to personal preference and the room’s decor.
  • Bigger Openings: For those larger windows or sliding doors, vertical blinds tend to be more suitable. Their design covers wide expanses with ease.

Aesthetics & Decor

  • Classic: Rooms with a more traditional decor could benefit from the timeless look of Venetian blinds.
  • Modern: Spaces leaning towards a contemporary design might find the sleek lines of vertical blinds more complementary.


  • Venetian Blinds: These require regular dusting due to their horizontal structure. Over time, their cords may need some care.
  • Vertical Blinds: These are somewhat easier to clean. Plus, individual slats can be replaced if damaged, saving on full replacement costs.

No matter your choice, ensuring it aligns with your room’s requirements will guarantee satisfaction. So, ready to revamp your space?


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Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to learn more about Venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

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