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Perth is known for its awesome architecture – a city where’s there’s room for all. So, you’d find tons of traditional and modern homes, gothic structures, and homes that ooze style and appeal. No matter what kind of home you own – whether it’s an old family home or a modern penthouse in the heart of the city, we’ve got a range of wooden window shutters in Perth to cater to your design needs.

Ours is a bespoke shutter company that takes pride in supplying and installing a wide range of blinds and shutters, including but not limited to wooden plantation shutters, shaped shutters, solid shutters, conservatory shutters, and bathroom shutters, all made from different types of hardwoods and engineered wood options. These offer a beautiful and functional solution – perfect for those wondering how to get control over light, ventilation, sound, and privacy.

Types of wooden shutters that matter!

We at AAM Curtains and Blinds are home to premium, high-quality shutters and have actively been of service to people for over 10 years now. During these years, we’ve offered varied types of blinds and shutters that not only enhance the look of the home but also seem like a viable and practical option. Some of the different types of wooden shutter blinds in Perth include the following.

The plain normal blinds that come with solid shutters have been in use since time immemorial and were once widely used in plantation homes. They are designed to block out the light in its entirety and blend in with the panelled wall all around.

Our wooden blinds are available in hardwood, aluminium, and faux-wood options. Although these look and feel quite like Venetian blinds, they are far more durable and premium.

Perhaps the most notable option for sash windows is the tier on tier range, which as the name implies is split into two halves – upper and lower. The top tier opens and closes independently, thereby offering greater control over the amount of light entering the room and the overall privacy of the room.

Amazing benefits of wooden shutter blinds in Perth

• Wooden shutters and blinds are known for their sound and thermal insulation. These are thus ideal for homes in busy areas. The wooden barrier of shutters and blinds doesn’t let the harsh weather conditions of the outside turn your life miserable when inside your home.

• The low maintenance cost of wooden window shutters in Perth is clearly one of the prime reasons for the sudden surge in demand for these. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to prevent dust build-up.

• Wooden shutters are particularly good for shunning out the outside world. These are great for increasing privacy, while adjusting the angle of the shutters allows the light to pour in without compromising on privacy.

• While it’s lovely to have sunlight pour into your room, the damaging effects of UV rays just can’t be ignored. Thankfully, the louvers can be angled to control how much light comes into the room. Some wooden shutter blinds in Perth come with a UV-protective layer to increase their longevity.

Buying the best wooden window shutters in Perth

As one of the best and reliable shutters and blinds company, we supply and fit all kinds of shutters for home and office needs. Our team at AAM Curtains and Blinds provides a free measure and quotation service, thereby making the entire process a hassle-free experience for our clients. Go through our extensive range of blinds and shutters – all priced competitively, and find the one that best suits your home. Connect now!

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Our products are trusted by many of perth clients.


Our products are trusted by many of perth clients.


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Benefits of Having Aluminium Blinds

 These blinds offer great insulation, retaining heat during the winter.
 They are moisture resistant making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
 Aluminium is a naturally corrosion-resistant metal. 
 Aluminium blinds will be as robust as steel, but they will be lighter and easier to operate.
 Aluminium is extremely reflective, which is ideal for keeping the sun at bay during the warmer months. 
 This is an extremely cost-effective window covering material. 
 Aluminium blinds are among the toughest of all the blind kinds.
 These blinds look wonderful in any home and particularly stand out in modern homes. 
 These blinds are one of the most customizable blind types, with a wide choice of colors, widths, and frame designs. 
 Aluminium Blinds are simple to install and remove.

High-quality Aluminium Blinds

If you’re looking for aluminium blinds that are beautiful and affordable, we have you covered.  AAM Curtains and Blinds, Perth, has aluminium blinds that can fulfil all of your window treatment needs.

Aluminium blinds are a versatile option for your house that is both stylish and useful. Our aluminium blinds are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They’re low-maintenance blinds that you’ll be able to use and enjoy for many years. Reach out to us for high-quality Aluminium blinds.

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